View Full Version : Looking for an xD template/drawing

06-22-2011, 04:21 AM
Hi guys and gals! new here, looking around. I was curious if anyone has a template/ drawing of an xD. Something I could use to come up with a new paint scheme. As many sides of the car the better. I really appreciate it!! :)

06-22-2011, 09:31 AM
Nice to meet ya bud! Hope you find everything your looking for here. I dont have an exact template of our car but I have a template of the sparco rally xd car. It has some differences but not too much. Hope this helps.

06-22-2011, 03:49 PM
Thanks a Ton! that will help out!

06-22-2011, 04:42 PM
No problem buddy. I'm interested in seeing what you come up with.