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Conversation Between Shaggy and wooly willy
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  1. wooly willy
    10-16-2010 10:15 PM
    wooly willy
    Yeah, that'd be awesome. I was thinking multi-state regions like "Midwest," "East Coast" "South," etc...
  2. Shaggy
    10-13-2010 07:41 PM
    Yea I can do that. You want a more detailed regional section made then?
  3. wooly willy
    10-12-2010 03:46 AM
    wooly willy
    I was wondering if you have the power to create more than just RS groups in the community social groups. I'd like to make open regional groups for people to join so we can have more open, relaxed discussions with neighbors and arrange local meetups to a much more relevant audience than the entire forum.