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CXTKRS1 05-14-2010 02:13 PM

2009 Scion xD A4 review.
With 11K on the odo it is time to make a short review about this car.


The exterior of the xD is fairly simple with several large flat surfaces making the car a breeze to wash and wax. The paint is fairly soft and is easy to chip and IMO a clear bra is needed for both the front clip and the hood. Up front headlights provide great light output and the turn singles both front and rear I think can be seen from a mile away at night. The hatch opens with ease allowing for easy access to the rear of the car.


Spartan but functional with the standard cheap plastic interior that scratches with ease. The piano black waterfall accents are a nice touch but again will scratch easily. The gauge cluster is nice with a needle speedometer/tachometer and a digital fuel gauge/odometer. This is nice but I would prefer to have at least one more gauge like a engine coolant temperature gauge or a battery voltage gauge. Stock stereo is easy to use and sounds great. Front and rear seats provide adequate support for even long trips. Leg room is ok but anyone over 6ft tall would want to consider purchasing a different car. Folding flat rear seats make the xD capable of carrying quite bit of a load but again watch the interior for scratches.


First off this is not by any means a high performance vehicle. In town acceleration is fine and once the V-Tak kicks in (3800+ RPM) the car does get a little pep in its step. The automatic transmission does a tends to drop gears a little quicker than I would like but other then that it shifts smooth and quick. I would like to see a 5 speed auto in the xD to maybe cut down on the RPM I see while on the interstate (3000 @ 70mph). Fuel economy is decent for a car of this size with an average of 25 to 29 MPG with mainly in city driving. Handling feels like something along the lines of driving a heavy go cart so in the twisties this car can actually be fun to drive.

I do not regret purchasing the xD since for the money it is great a vehicle and comes with quite a few standard features. On the other if I had to do it all over again I would spend the extra money and purchase either a Cobalt SS or an HHr SS. In every shape way and form these two vehicles are superior to the Scion xD IMO.

JDMJim 05-15-2010 11:39 AM

Cobalt trumps HHR. HHR's are put together worse than the xD interior-wise

CXTKRS1 05-15-2010 03:48 PM

Yes but the HHr is bigger too.

JDMJim 05-16-2010 08:33 PM

still crap interior. you guys complain about the rattles in the xD....

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