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YELOSUB 07-12-2012 12:07 AM

Rpm long tube header/mid-pipe/strup exhaust
Update! Unfortunately my car is gonna be up for sale soon...I purchased a boat and need a truck to pull it and my xD and wife's xB ain't gonna cut it...So, I already started to take some stuff off the xD getting it ready to sell...I put the complete stock exhaust system back on so I have the following available preferably to Az xD's:

1-RPM Long Tube Header-Retail $375
1-RPM Mid Pipe w/Cat & Resonator-Retail $350
1-Strup Exhaust-Retail $280
Total Retail Cost: $1005

All items in excellent condition and will sell all of the above to local, ARIZONA for $500, unless there is no interest locally then I will open it up to all...The scratch marks are only cosmetic and are from uninstalling this thing...For more info on this set-up please see this thread for further info:

Pics of the header: (Look at the stock on the left)

Mid-Pipe with Cat & Resonator:

Strup Exhaust:

Tmontague 05-15-2017 12:38 PM

Still available?

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