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Default Ouch, help :(
Need some help! Long story short, during a camping trip my boyfriend's dog tore up parts of my interior. She had never been camping before so she was to sleep in the car with the windows slightly open, but apparently she has separation anxiety and the poor thing freaked :\

Roof panel

Chewed antenna cable, airbag seems intact, but not sure. Thinking of removing panel and comparing to driver side airbag.

Munched seat belt :\

I'm unsure of how to go about the repairs; my options are either to obtain the parts form wrecked xDs and repair myself (roof is easy but seat belt ???), or take it to a shop, or file a claim. The airbag looks fine, but according to the manual the car should be taken to the stealership immediately if any airbags are exposed. But I know better than to trust everything on the manual. My question I guess is, what's the best/cheapest way to go??

Thanks for any feedback, it's appreciated

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