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I followed your link and I came up with a new, not rebuilt, Beck-Arnley pump. I have used Beck-Arnley product before and been very satisfied with it. I also personally much prefer new over rebuilt when available. If your research shows that is a good price, I say go for it.

Oh, and replace the belts too, they don't last long after being coated in coolant, even if they look good now. The extra parts cost now, while you're already doing the labor, is much easier to swallow then having to take half of it back apart to do belts later. At least that's my opinion.

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Originally Posted by Resolve View Post
wish I had the time and money/contacts he did. The fct that he runs that much power and hits that solid with everything tucked nicely behing the rear seats of a Tahoe is amazing. I like watching his videos.

Yup, something to strive for. If I ever do a system half that good I'd be happy.

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