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Originally Posted by cubanoloko View Post
sup guys...i need help trying to figure out what this noise is...
Not too long ago i started hearing this noise coming from around the tire/engine (driver side, dont know about passnger side) that sound like there is somethiong loose.So far i can only hear the noise when im on 1st and 2nd gear BUT only when i take the 1st or 2nd gear to aroubnd 2000-3000 rpm and let go the gas or when im taking off. I dont know if has to do witht he shock since i lowered my car and havent put sport shock im still running with OEM shocks and Tein S tech springs. thnaks ahead guys and hopefully you help me
Im also getting a loose/ rattling sound coming from my engine bay. But mine is on the passenger side near the serpentine belt. I know my belt is over due for a change so im hoping thats all it is but my friend who is a mechanic thinks it might be a bad bearing in the idler pulley. But im really hoping its just the belt lol.

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