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^^^ Search can be your friend but I will say I tried searching engine swaps yesterday on google to see who has done what xd swaps other than the couple I seen before and never saw that thread. So it is possible to miss that. And I hate Scionlife. I used to be on there daily back in 05 but it became a bunch of hot headed know it alls that wanted to down anyone that wasn't one of their own nut huggers. ok end rant on scionlife.

But in all the 2AZ would fit I was looking to do it. But since you are too I need to change my engine. lol. actually around here I would be the only engine swapped xd so it would matter what engine I put in and to be able to piss off the bazillion tCs since i have their engine would be nice.

But one reason to know it would fit is look at the Corolla. It has the same engine as the xd in the lower models but the XRS model has the 2AZ. so that tells me it will fit. but mounting will need to be looked at.

Since th xD is going to become more of a show style car. I will be looking more into the different one off stuff and let you know if I find anything.

IF you have never done an engine swap.... remember even if the engine does fit. you still are going to be spending a few grand to get it working and working right. Engine, ECU, wiring harness (possibly), and then know or have someone that know how to wire good just in case you need to splic and hard wire some stuff for you dash cluster to work with the new set up. Getting a used engine and ECU combo will probably be at least around $1500. This is before tranny thoughts and decisions.

and if this is a daily driver don't do it. you never know what problems may arise or how long it will take. swapping engine now a days is nothing like swapping engines 20 plus years ago when you could swap a carburated V8 into anything in a weekend and never have a problem.


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