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Default ABS bad?
My 2012 xD has approximately 9k miles on it and during the 3+ months I have owned it I have experienced 3 emergency hard braking scenarios, 2 at high speed (70+) and one at about 30mph. In all cases the front wheels have locked together with a loud screetch for what seems to be an abnormal amount of time before the ABS engages and a pulsing sensation is felt through the brake pedal. In all other cars that I have owned (Toyota, Honda, Audi, VW) the ABS engaged virtually immediately with barely a chirp from the tires (only if on dry pavement). In both the high speed scenarios it also caused a pretty good sway from the rear of the car indicating the stability control was also active. I'm wondering if I have a defective ABS controller/sensor or is the xD's ABS system just really crude and basic? There are no CELs or errors showing on the dash. In the dry its manageable but I'm concerned that it may fail when I least expect it and also Winter is going to be fun

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