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Angry a/c making flappy noise - including audio clip... help? :)
hi everyone...

my scion xd's a/c is making noise all of a sudden.

the only way i can describe it is it's sort of a flappy noise. but you can listen to it here because i recorded it:


i go through low, med, med-high (i think) and high there. i can hear it most on low, med and med-high... i can barely hear it on high. but i don't wanna have to have my air on high all the time so i don't hear the noise, you know?

so what do you think? i thought maybe it was something stuck in the vent, like a leaf or something. but i'm not sure.

i've had the car since november of 2009. would it still be under warranty? wasn't sure about that.

is there anything i can try to do (to fix it) without going to the dealer?
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I've never heard that sound before, I would take it up there to have it looked at. Your internal direction vents may have some debre (sorry if i didnt spell it right) in it, or they can be loose.
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Question did you ever install a cabin air filter? That sounds like their is a leaf or trash (in my case a sheet of paper) hitting your blower.

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This link should help if you have never opened up the glove box compartment.
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As Chris said above, stuff often manages to find its way into the blower housing via the fresh air intake, etc.

Hope this helps and saves you a trip to the shop.

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