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Default 2008 XD Water Pump Replacement
So my wife has a little red 08 XD and was told by discount tire when having her oil changed that her water pump was leaking some..... $900 to replace !!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA............. not gonna happen....

So ive been searching all over the internet to see some people pull the engine, some rip all of the plastic off of the car and get access through the passenger fender well and bumper area....

can someone here give me the seriously simple low down easy fix for this....

I am an aircraft mechanic and repair all of our vehicles all the time and a water pump is a seriously basic replacement, but access to this little bugger sounds like the real challenge..... so any input would be greatly appreciated....

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I also am an aircraft mech and have done this repair. pretty easy realy. put a jack under the engine to start ,drain the coolent, disassemble upper motor mount and remove the altenator now you have all the access you need to get the water pump out, to get the lower center bolt just pull back the cornner of the plastic inside the fenderwell, the motor mount is two pieceses and will come out as one. It took me about two and a half hours and three beers.
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