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Default Unexplained blower noise.
About five days ago my air blower started making a funny noise, it sounds almost like the cage itself is rubbing again the frame of the blower. Or maybe something is loose and rubbing the squirrel cage itself. Either way it is annoying especially when the air flow is set to recirculate and at a low fan speed. So at less than 12K on the odo my car is going back to a dealer I am not pleased with service wise to begin with. Just curious is the idea of a loaner car something that Toyota dealers tend to do? I work seven days a week and I figure they will keep my car at least one or two days.
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Odd, I havent had any issues with the xD's components. You never know that may do it same day.

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I had something occasionally stuck sounding in the A/C for several months (A fluttery sound sort of). Sometimes I would hear it and sometimes not. So... several months later (last week), I took a turn and my A/C sounded like an aquarium. Long story, longer...

I took it to the dealer as it is under warranty. They told me the drain for the A/C was blocked by leaves and debris. It took them under half an hour to clean it out. (It took me 2 more days of fighting with them to get the carpet dried out ((but that's another story)).

The dealership here will give a loaner if they must keep the car over night. I don't know if that's typical. It's sure worth asking.

What I learned from this whole thing was:
-The grate on the passenger side, under the hood, up near the windshield needs to be cleaned out if one parks under a lot of trees.
- that grate pops off if you need to get under it
- the car doesn't usually come with an in cabin air filter
- The dealership wanted $192 to put one in. Reading here and getting good advice... I bought one and put it in after watching the youtube video and running by my local autoparts store (it cost between $12.50 and $14.)

I don't know if you're hearing what I did but hope it's quick and easy and am glad you're taking it in before the passenger side carpet is soaked! I didn't want to deal with the dealership and waited. It's all good, now, dry carpet, no noise, spanking new filter.

good luck,
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