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Default Buying xd today! Help!!
We are likely buying an XD today. There are three in Phoenix from private parties that we're considering. Please give your opinion, especially on the high mileage one :-) Thank you so much. I'd love for you to email or text me (480-202-8454) so I get the response quicker as I might buy in a few hours.

1) 2008 XD charchoal - Manual - Good-Great Condition - stock - 123,000 miles - $5500
2) 2008 XD dark blue - Manual - Great Conditon - a few TRD parts - 33,000 miles - $11750
3) 2008 XD white - Auto - Great Condition - TRD wheels - 29,000 miles - $12,750.

It's obvious that the high mileage one is a great deal, but at the same time, 123000 miles scares most people away. That's why it's $5500. Obviously highway mileage, but not much documentation on maintenance.

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Auto-trader has 8 of them up. Inluding the 123K one,but @ $7000. And a listing @ BellToyota for a white/auto 32K miler @ $10995. Also I'd care that, that car had those kinda miles... but as its young, & your also here in PHX @ least the rubber parts wont be dried out. I'd like to see it's compression,or a ecu hook up, cause it will have to pass maricopa county emissions in the next 2 years. & drive it to see how soft the suspension has gotten.



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White or blue, I would avoid the high mileage one simply because it is no longer covered by the powertrain warranty and depending on the previous owner the clutch might need to be replaced soon.
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